Jan. 11th, 2006 05:02 pm
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First off, it's far too dull to write about my life. New Years was fun. FINALLY seeing the rest of season one of Black Books with Eric (dratted boi...:p) was fun. School is ocassionally fun.

But I could write that all I wanted, and it just wouldn't serve a purpose.

So I have two general updates in the works (read: hiding in the back of my head) and this one. Whcih is devoted to as many quotes as I feel like putting in here. Enjoy?

"Gentlemen, it ain't your penii I'm envying. It's your ability to wear sweatshirts."
~SaveTheGreyhounds, here

"If I were a boy, I'd be so hot! I'd wear my hair long and my kilts short...wait, what?"
~Anon, but it's all Allyson's fault.

"That's not nice!"
"Neither is running people over with tanks, but I do that anyways..."
~Veronica and Ryan (Yes Mohr-Paul...Little Jerry) 30Aug

"In Ireland, we don't tell people to shut up. Instead, we just have a beer and punch them in the face."
~Nathan, (Kid in AdComp) 28Sep

"We can do a three-way"
~Mr. Bittner, when everyone was arguing about who gets to read the story. 26Oct

"Oreo Cookies and Budwiser -The breakfast of champions!"
~I'm not going to credit this one as I don't want him to get in trouble. But I'll give you a hint...he's massivly cool, and he teaches physics. 28Sep

"He doesn't NEED to cut his hair. All he NEEDS to do is pay his taxes and die."
~Loona!! 24Sep

"It's one God, many parts. It's like a transformer!"
~Veronica, 25Sep

"It's the language of love! And SEX!! No wait! Just love. Love. No sex. Although, if you're willing..."
Nathan, 8Nov

"Gravity weighs more over here!"
~I'm sad to say that this bit of stupidity came out of my mouth. It's right up there with that stupid Lions remark in ninth grade...1Dec

"It's implying that people will make out with you if you buy from American Eagle."
"Thats not true! I bought this whole outfit from American Eagle and NO ONE made out with me!!"
~Kelsey, AdComp...it really has the best quotes in that class. 2Dec

"And he was in O-town! Thats even gayer then being gay!!"
(Yes, I'm bad for laughing at this one. But I like the idea of 'Gayer then gay')
~Kelsey again, 9Jan

"He's sortof emo, but he doesn't cut himself because, as he says, 'My tattoos are too expensive!'"
~Lorin, the new girl on the block. 10Jan

"I didn't know you were GREEDY!"
~Lorin again, referring to my "bi" ness. 10Jan

"Screw the baby, it's MY juicebox!!"
~Kates, about one of the Giant and Mommyrex's childrens (methinks Karl) trying to get her juice. 1Jan

So that is all.

I walked home in the rain
Mom, Dad, and Aly are in Disneyworld
Dmitri has been messed with and is now behaving.

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sorcyress: Drawing of me as a pirate, standing in front of the Boston Citgo sign (Default)
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