Jan. 3rd, 2017

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2016 has finished! I had a pretty fucking rough time of things. Let's talk about some of the not-so-rough parts.

*I started drawing more! I cannot state how important and good this feels to me as a creative person. I've been tossing snaps of my sketches up on Twitter, but I've yet to find a good archiving space that I can use --please don't suggest deviantArt unless you can also prove to me that they've become less awful to trans and genderqueer folk.

*I got paid to teach SCD! This is REALLY REALLY COOL! I also got a lot of compliments on my classes and social hours, which was pretty thrilling. I taught five basic classes in November and December, and ran the associated social hours. Laura and I also ran the social dancing after both big dance meetings we have in the year.

*Yes, we parted ways and I'm sad about it, but until that happened I professionally taught high school math for six months and was salaried and had some of the best girls in the world to influence and enjoy.

*One Deck Dungeon has been published! My name is in the playtesting credits, and I've played a lot of rounds of it and it's *gorgeous* and I am so thrilled that people are enjoying it.

*NYFF was even better than last year! Among other _really good_ things is that s00j has switched over from idol to friend (critically important to longterm relationshipal happiness), I developed deeper and happier friendships with a few people, I got to do a lot of really helpful things, and I had some amazingly empowering FAAB conversations with [other?] women about how pathetic dudes are.

*Also I replaced my missing lizard hat with a widebrimmed floppy black hat and it's magnificent.

*My whole witchka style has blossomed in the finest sort of way! Pumpkin colours have become the way of life, and shawls and layers and swishy skirts and *swoon!* I look so awesome, all the time, and I feel so grand. I really love the idea of dressing in such a way that children want to be my friend and grown men find me disturbing or worrisome or scary.

*Megan!! Like, I enjoy all my friends and I'm glad to know all of them, but Megan is the first time I have ever had a work Friend. It's the first time I've ever trusted and cared for someone at work that I felt comfortable outing myself as poly to them. And we're not perfect at it, but we're still communicating, still hanging out, still being friends and that is fucking awesome.

*I went to California for a week and spent a lovely time with mek.


*For my twenty-seventh birthday, I convinced people to eat ice cream in approximately thirty states, seven countries, and four continents.

*I moved, and oh, I love my new house SO FUCKING MUCH and the people in it SO FUCKING MUCH and I am SO FUCKING HAPPY.

*I did a lot more stiltswalking and feel very happy about that. I really need to repair my stilts (BEFORE ARISIA, THANKS!) so I can do more there.

*Magus got married and I got to wear white-tie formal and send him off. It was awesome1, and I enjoyed the trip immensely. There was the freedom of the open road, and visiting family and friends, and getting to be helpful and SO MUCH GOOD FOOD and damn I looked awesome in white-tie. And married! YAY!!

*Veronica had her baby and he is more than four months old now and he is unbelievably cute and I am unbelievably happy for her.

I'm gonna cut it off there. See self! 2016 was not all doom and gloom!

Let's see what we can do with the beginning of 2017, yeah?


1: Was talking about it briefly with [profile] macaroniandtuna this evening, who seems to be in the camp of "it's weird to go to your ex's wedding" and I'm just like ???. Yes, I know I have some unresolved Weird around Keira that's never actually going to go away, and yes, I know I broke up with Magus, but that was largely because he and I are not great at Serious Communication with each other and having a Relationship was significantly more stressful than having a friendship. He and I are still friends. I still care for him dearly, and miss him very much, and I would absolutely still say I love him2 so when he asked me to be in his wedding, I said yes so fucking fast I practically traveled back in time to do it.

2: Just...more like I'd say it to Veronica or Ezri than I would to Terrapin or mek or Sparr.


sorcyress: Drawing of me as a pirate, standing in front of the Boston Citgo sign (Default)
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