Feb. 28th, 2012

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So I counted all the porns, and realized I had sixty-seven. Because I am an immature sort of person, I went ahead and wrote two more. I went ahead and used them to bookend the set, because authors are always allowed to out themselves.

You are all my favourite people forever. In the five years since this project began, I have received more than 250 original, creative, wonderful little stories. This year, some of you cross-posted to other places, invited other people to come in and share. I cannot believe that people keep indulging me in this --surely, one of these years everyone will have run out of things to write?

Thank you all. Author/Editors notes are in italics. Porn is not safe for work or minors. Enjoy, comment, share, and write me more for next year --I'll accept them year round, if you can live with the potential of me losing them in the year between posting.

And now enough of my babbling, here's what you all came for (or is that from...) )

New languages this year: Chicken, latin, some programming language I can't identify on sight.

New fandoms this year: Man, I lost count. Homestuck, Les Miz, Princess Bride, Warehouse 13, RPF political, RPF internet personalities, quite plausibly some I missed noticing entirely...

Again, thank you so much to everyone who participates, be it as a writer, reader, commenter, or muse.

See you next February!



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