Aug. 24th, 2011

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Sundries Sundries Sundries.

*Capezio is giving away ballet slippers for the price of shipping. I intend to order once I am in the new place, because fuck yeah shoes.

*Fucking tragic engagement photos. It seriously bothers me that this is true.

*Fucking awesome engagement photos. Scroll down.

*The Dangers of Hugging

*This is basically the best dog gif ever

*From the "no shit" department, study finds bisexual men exist.

*There's an awesome livejournal community called Little Details, which exists to help authors answer all the esoteric research questions they desire. One of these questions was Approximately how many adult Care Bears would you need to skin to turn their pelts into a woman's suit?

The resulting fanfiction is one of the finer crossovers I've read. And if that's not your taste, there's also a Pirates of the Caribbean one.

*Topical: Earthquake advice from a Californian

*Nancy Wake is far more badass than you.

*Lemony Snicket is writing another series, set in the same world, but pre-Baudelaire children, and oh joy, oh joy!

*This is a beautiful anecdote, and one I'd like to remember.

*Rosario Dawson: Sexy as all hell, and willing to speak against the culture of "women must be skinny"

*Really, if you're not reading The Bloggess, you're missing out. The other week, She wound the _best thing ever_ in a thrift store. I laugh my ass off at all her posts.

*Dedicated to anyone who has ever watched an episode of Legends of the Hidden Temple.

*Button I want: "Ask about my pronoun preference". I really need to get into the business of making buttons for people I like, especially at dance.

*Audio file of Jack Nicholson reading How The Rhinoceros got its Skin

*And lastly for today, Epbot presents how to make steampunk goggles



sorcyress: Drawing of me as a pirate, standing in front of the Boston Citgo sign (Default)
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