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OMGee, you guys!!

So, there's this cool blog called Beyond Victoriana, which focuses on non-Western-European steampunk. I've been reading it for four or five months now, because I like steampunk stuff, and I like multicultural stuff.

And I'm wandering through my RSS reader and am scrolling through a Beyond Victoriana post and pause for a second, because those pictures at the end look exactly like pieces of artwork that've been floating around the other half of my room and OHMYGOD, they totally ARE and MY ROOMMATE GOT LINKED TO BY BEYOND VICTORIANA!

You can see Ria's post with the pretty pictures right here. They're awesome portraits, Ria is a hell of an artist, especially with watercolours.


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So, there exists these things:

These things are crack

They are battered and fried onions, to sprinkle on stuff for delicious crunch. The flavour I am holding is, in fact, chedder.

They are delicious. Like, I had to make mom go put the tin away for me, because I would eat AN ENTIRE CAN YES, and I didn't trust myself to have the willpower to go put them down myself.

I think this is basically just me saying that Christmas was good, and post-Christmas thank-god-all-the-people-left-and-oo-leftovers! is even better.

(I like my family a lot, and I love the general mayhem of Christmas, but it is really nice when everyone leaves and it becomes the nuclear family, or the nuclear family plus just Dan1 or something. Means you get me and mom faffing on our internets while Ninja Warrior plays in the background. Lovely!)

At any rate, you can see more pictures of my love affair with those cheddar fried onion things if you look under here )


1: I think you are missing a footnote or something2.
2: Best friend of Nik, and Veronica's little brother.
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Got a B in my "let's study Privet Hedges YAY" class, also known as "Environmental Field Research" also known as "that fucking class I detest". Rest of my grades aren't in yet, which is really good, as the final project for one of them isn't due until tomorrow (by snail mail, I also intend to e-mail her a copy even though she hates e-mail, just in case my snail mail one is slow due to snow or wevs.)


The above would've been twittered, with less detail, but mom is sleeping on the couch, and twitter will make her phone go off, and possibly wake her up.

This is always a thing that happens, but I am ninety-five percent more aware of it when I'm actually in the same house as her.


I'm pure dead exhausted today, for mostly unknown reasons (though the lack of going outside while I could still get some vit-D is probably one of them.) I've certainly been eating, and I got _plenty_ of sleep --maybe my immune system is fighting to not have whatever it is mum and Al had?

(If so, that's terribly unfair that I'm sleeping more than Alys is with*out* even having her dread disease. On the flip side, I haven't puked, so that's kindof a good tradeoff.)


Superhappy with my Yuletide story, still, which I don't think I actually mentioned in here, because I decided not to post the Xmas Loot Report before I had finished, well, getting loot1. So yeah, any Castle fans should go read Four Times Alexis Was The Adult (and One Other), because it's cute and fun and makes me really really happy.

Can't help but be the slightest bit jealous of [ profile] genarti who apparently got eight little fics after her writer defaulted at the last moment. Considering I'm actually familiar with The Little Mermaid, I ought to go read at least some of those gifts.

Also, Tucker linked to Goodnight Room, which is a _pretty freaking awesome_ Goodnight Moon fanfic, let me tell you!

Alsoalso, it is killing me that I can't link to mine yet, because even though it is a fandom that I would plausibly believe only one other person on my entire flist is familiar with (the person who introduced me in the first place), I am pleased with my story, and want to share.


This is my current favourite photo of myself, although the longer I stare at it, the less able I am to figure out what on earth we're dancing there.

It's not a grand rights and lefts, because I was dancing boy and TipDennis was my partner (white shirt, two people to my left) and dancing girl, so we wouldn't have been going the same direction. It might've been an allemande left, but then he would've been dancing with Randy. Maybe it's part of a teacup chain?

Whatever, it's a good picture of me, from Squares graduation and the hack tips (hence the reason we're dancing confined --we couldn't let the string drop, and we couldn't touch it with our hands) and I'm very pleased with it.

Also, yes, my outfit for Squares graduation did involve my Most Amazing Shoes. And a four-toned Tartan skirt, and a sweet vest. I am just that good.

(Photo credit Austein/MIT-Matt)


Apparently *everyone* got jewelry this year --Veronica, her sister Cecelia, and Alys all got pretty shiny things from their respective boyfriends, and I got a surprisingly3 pretty little necklace from my grandmother.

At any rate, it's prompting a deeper think into the "don't give me jewelry plzkthnx" thing that pervades my brain. That, plus a recent convo with Sparr is probably going to prompt a "real" post at some point. When it's done being super-lazy Sunday.


I finally have all the times and dates for all the people coming to visit me over New Years. I should go write them up on the whiteboard. For self-reference, it's Magus, then Brenton and Matt, then BDan and Herbert, then leaving in reverse order. Six trips to various bus and train stops, goodness, it's going to be a hectic few days.




PostScript: I asked my grandfather if I could post his excellent story of how our tree could be launched at Moscow, and he said yes, with credit of course. I am tres excited about this, and going to try and type it up in the soon, as it's one of my favourite things about all of Christmas, and certainly my favourite thing about our tree.

1: Traditional wretched excess goes in the order of waking up each other among the kid set, faffing until eight, rushing downstairs to make sure santa came and brought stockings, bringing all five stockings upstairs (which depending on whether santa did a serious calendar run2 is oft a challenge for the three of us) and everyone opening stockings on the parents' waterbed. This is followed by breakfast, then core family rip-rip-tear-tear, then faffing, then the arrival of Aunt Sara et al and the grandparents, then more rip-rip-tear-tear, and lunch/dinner, and yay. So, I wrote words, which included lootsquee, after stockings and core family stuff, but before I had been given my HULA HOOP THAT YOU CAN TAKE APART INTO SEGMENTS FOR EASY PACKING, SQUEE!

I'm a little excited about that one. Pics forthcoming.

2: It's actually a little surreal, not having santa have brought my father a swimsuit calendar.

3: I think my grandmother's a grand woman, but she doesn't really have a great sense of what I'm all about. I often get pretty shiny things from her for Christmas, which is lovely, and sweet, but not entirely practical, as I really don't oft *wear* pretty shiny things. The earrings she got me last year were pretty good though (and I should find them again, as my steampunk collection is starting to contain a lot of blue and the turquoise would look good with that) and the little necklace she gave me this year is just lovely --lots of pretty coloured beads all woven into the shape of a heart.


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